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Zen TerraceGut TerraceLute TerracePainting TerraceDragon Playing TerraceDan Feng TerraceInnocence Terrace
Scenic display

Peak Gallery is a scene belt that looks like a gallery. It is located in the hillside of Master Peak. It spans from Qing Feng Guan and ends up here after 8 kilometers. By leaning against Master Peak and linking Yu Jin Guan, it looks afar at Shi Zi Ling and extracts the essence of Mountain Taihang. Seven scene-viewing terraces with good spots are built up. They are respectively Zen Terrace, Gut Terrace, Picture Terrace, Dragon Terrace, Dan Feng Terrace and Innocence Terrace. You will live up to your travel in here.

Zen Terrace: Here we come to Zen Terrace, the first view platform in Peak Gallery. It is an isolated peak separated from the mountain. We are now standing in Iron Bridge. Now look downwards. The view platform dovetails with the concave-convex at the two sides.

Now look at the peak in the front on the left. The two mountains are linked. They look like a sleeping Buddha. Look at its round head, high nose bridge, gaping mouth and closed eyes, it looks like a sleeping Buddha. It is covered by quilt. It seems that no one was ever to disturb it. The cliffs and precipices below are likened to an unfolding scripture. People used to write a poem to depict its look:

The towering Mountain Taihang got two peaks that look like a sleeping deity.

It can swallow the moon and the sun and can spit mist.

Some people say it is the Buddha for Communist Party members, for it looks like Lenin, another leader for the Communist Party.

You can take glimpse of another sleeping Buddha in the No.2 view platform. They are called ‘Double Buddha in Taihang’.

Gut Terrace: Here is Gut Terrace, the No. two view platform in Peak Gallery. It is made of steel structure. It stretches for over 10 meters to the gorge and lies above it. It looks unique and thrilling. Travelers who do not suffer acrophobia can come over and experience it. You can check out your gut and appreciate the deep Taihang gorge. Here is another sleeping Buddha in ‘Double Buddhas in Taihang’.

Lute Terrace: Here is No.3 view terrace in Peak Gallery. It’s called Lute Terrace. The village by the road is called ‘Hou Bei Village’. It gets is name as it lies behind Mater Peak. It is a natural village in Huilong Administrative Village. The village used to have 5 households or 25 people. They are not relocated to Huilong New Village. Only one individual who would offer water to the Master Peak takes inhabitation in here. The village has many apricot trees. Each spring when apricot blossom is in bloom, it looks archaic and is a good spot for nostalgia and wedding pictures.

Look at the towering trees by the cliff. What is it? It is called macrocarpa, second-level national conservation plant. The tree is tall and towering with verdant leaves when summer comes. It can be used to cool yourself. The tree shows high adaptability with advanced root. Growing up in the crevices among rocks, it can resist against wind and coldness. Zheng Banqiao used to put a poetry, ‘It takes firm root in the slope rock and shows tenacious nature despite the weather’. It chimes with the tenacious vitality of macrocarpa. Macrocarpa is tender in texture, staunch in quality and can withstand water. It is material for buildings and furniture. But this tree has two unique spots. Now please carefully observe it. They share the same root and hence are called ‘thousand-year-long macrocarpa’. According to the aged people who used to live here, the withered tree here has been dead for hundreds of years but it remains what it looked back then. It is just like the populus diversifolia that lasts and does not decay for ages.

Painting Terrace: It is the fourth view in Peak Gallery. It is called Painting Terrace. Its biggest feature is that you can take view of Guanshan Mountain Scenic Spot. The peak in the opposite is Guanshan Scenic Spot. Now watch, we can see two layers of pavilions above. It is Mountain Guan View Terrace. Parking lot and gateway of Xilian tour area lies on the right. Parking lot and gateway to Baligou tour resort lies to the left. You can catch sight of the whole view of Baligou scenic spot. You can also see Wang Mang Peak and Mountain Immortal from here. It lies in the center of Master Peak in Sky Border Mountain. When clouds surge, the Master Peak is likened to a picturesque painting. It thus gains its name as Painting Terrace.

Dragon Playing Terrace: The fifth scene of Peak Gallery is called Dragon Playing Terrace. Standing on Dragon Playing Terrace, you can take view of two verdant mountain ranges meandering to red-cliff precipices like two dragons. They are called ‘two dragons playing with wall’. Now please try to trace for the two dragons. You will get blessed and have good luck if you do. The two branches under the red-cliff precipices over there are likened to two dragons. With their head facing the precipice and tail close to the reservoir, they are worshiping the Founder. A stone standing on the verdant range on the right has two round hills that resemble the shell of a tortoise. The two cute tortoises are like a couple. ‘They are whining for love by tracing for the other half in their dreams’.

Dan Feng Terrace: The sixth one is called Dan Feng Terrace. It is stone-door reserve below. It looks like a bird, doesn’t it? It has a small hill at the neck of the bird. Connect it to the mountain behind. It looks like a tortoise that is imbibing water from the reservoir with its head pulled out, isn’t it? This scene is called ‘Tortoise in Mountain Taihang’. You can also detect 11 places around Peak Gallery that look like tortoise. They are called ’12 Gold Tortoises in Mountain Taihang’. By the way, this is ‘Phoenix Unfolding Wing’. It got a flat stone on it. You can see handrail above. It is the 7th viewing terrace.  Innocence Terrace: The 7th viewing terrace is called Innocence Terrace. It is named after the Founder’s cultivation of ’42 years before returning to the imperial palace in heaven’. Innocence Terrace is built in Crow Peak. Now that we are in Crow Peak, it reminds me of the story of hatching by crows. Legend goes that when the Founder cultivated himself in the mountain, a cow mistakenly took his tangled hair as a nest and hatched eggs. Merciful as the Founder was, he waited until crows were hatched. Crows are grateful to the Founder. A long time ago, crops were sabotaged by crows when they grew ripe. After the Founder became deity, people built the Founder’s Temple and asked for his prayer. Crows would no longer take crops despite their starvation. It is still the case today. It is quite perplexing.

The 100-li-long red-cliff precipice gorge is extending by Innocence Terrace. It is extending for over 800 li and is a unique world-class scenic spot. The most spectacular essence of red-cliff precipice lies around ‘Peak Gallery’ in the scenic spot of Sky Border Mountain in South Taihang. It can peer the Grand Canyon Colorado in America and is known for ‘No. One Red-cliff Gorge in Mountain Taihang’.

Scenic display

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