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Red Door Village Big Black MountainHuilong Village (Huilong Temple)
Scenic display

Master is a respectful version of Lord Lao Zi of the Great Monad. Master Peak gets its name as ‘Xuan Wu Temple’ is built at the peak.

It used to be arduous to walk via the track leading to Master Peak with precipice on one side and abyss on the other. People would risk their life if they are not careful enough. The perilous track put on a new cover in 2000. The road has turned to a red bond and is an education base for entrepreneurship.

Red Door Village, Big Black Mountain: It is a natural village of Huilong Village. It’s called ‘Red Door Village’. According to legend, Lord Lao Zi of the Great Monad climbed up en route to being immortal. He was tired and knocked out. He stumbled across a small temple and found it empty. With towering mountain ranges and dangerous tracks lying ahead, he refrained from going forward and wanted to cultivate himself in here. The Jade Emperor learned about it and dispatched God of Fire to burn down the temple in order to compel him to go upwards. Being left with no options, the Founder had to move on. The village then got its name as ‘Red Door Village’. Red Door Village has become a famous village for filming. Good Parents, Towering Road, Tall Sky and others used to be shot in here. It is lauded by Ni Ping, Zhu Yuanyuan and other famous performers and Shen Haofang, an editor. Now look at the towering mountain in the opposite. It is pitch black. It is called ‘Black Mountain’. Its name is originated from the legend on ‘Burning of Red Door’. When flames got extended to the mountain, everything in the mountain is burned down and the mountain is burned black. So the mountain is called Black Mountain.

Huilong Village (Huilong Temple): This village up front is called Huilong Village. It has a legendary story circulated. When the Founder cultivated himself in Warm Kiln not far away, he didn’t know how to attain his goal and got the idea of returning to the immortal life aroused. On his way back, he passed through Huilong Village and saw an old lady who was busy grinding the iron stick on the red rock stone. He was perplexed and came over to check out what was going on. The old lady said, ‘I want a needle for my daughter is going to be married.’ The Founder replied, ‘but it is so thick. How long does it take to be ground to a needle?’ The old lady answered, ‘nothing is hard for a willing heart’. She then vanished. The Founder was enlightened and learned that it was instruction from the Goddess of Guanyin. He had to go through loneliness and had sincerity in order to perform his doctrines. Then he made a round trip and became an immortal. Huilong Village also got its name.

To celebrate the founder, local residents built a Huilong Temple at the opposite bank of the river. The village gets its name as ‘Huilong Village’ with the name of the temple. Under the leadership of Zhang Rongsuo, its Party secretary, people in Huilong Village made a fortune and gained fame countrywide. Many TV episodes reflecting Huilong spirits were then shot in here. Huilong Village is also a famous ‘village for films’. 

Scenic display

1. do a good job of personal protection: do the appropriate clothing shoes, hats, do a good job of prevention, anti-mosquito work.

2. pay attention to personal safety: Please in the scope of their own risk control activities, pay attention to personal safety, emergency situations during the journey, should immediately call the police and seek the help of local police agencies

3. Prevent water risks: When cruising on water or activities, you should pay more attention to safety. You must not go into the water or go to deep water areas or dangerous water areas. You should follow the instructions and the dynamics of the table.

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1. Keep valuables safe: Don't place valuables on checked baggage, hotel rooms, or tour buses. Keep your belongings in safe place. Do not open your sight line, or visit and photograph, walk, or shop. Beware of stolen.

2. Carrying a travel ticket: Personal identification documents, travel documents, and transportation tickets should be kept with you to avoid forgetting or losing.

Pay attention to hygiene

pay attention to food hygiene: to increase protection of infectious diseases, epidemic awareness. Pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat unsanitary, unqualified food and drinks, do not litter in the area, pay attention to environmental hygiene.

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Master is a respectful version of Lord Lao Zi of the Great M……
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