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Yangzou LandTaojamg Sky River WaterfallStrip Sky
Scenic display

Speaking of Yangzhou Land, we have to mention the story of Liu Xiu, emperor of East Han Dynasty. According to legend, Liu Xiu who was busy enlarging an army and buying horses was chased by officers dispatched by Wang Mang. He escaped to the high mountain here but got nowhere to go as it faced the mountain in its three sides and one valley in the other end. In desperation, Liu Xiu jumped to the cliff. But he got blessed. A horde of grazing sheep gathered around and Liu Xiu fell on their back and narrowly escaped death. After he became king, he called the place ‘Yang Jiu Di (Emperor Saved by Sheep). Then it was called ‘Yang Zhou Land’. Despite its absurdity, the story tells us a lot.

It is a comparatively booming place in the scenic spot that aggregates hotels, peasant families, restaurants and stalls and can fully sate travelers’ needs. It is also the departure place for services in the scenic spot. You can take its servicer and return to the entrance to Baligou scenic spot from here on your return trip.

It is also one of the best areas to appreciate the precipice in South Taihang. Everybody, please look to the right. That’s a tour-sighting elevator in the scenic spot. Strip Sky Scenic Spot lies by the elevator. It gets its name as it is a thrilling and adventurous walking trap. What lies above the elevator and the climbing trap is the peak of the first precipice. It is a flat road that can lead to red-stone river scenic spot of Sky River Waterfall of Mountain Taihang.

Taojamg Sky River Waterfall: Its fountain is Redstone river in the high mountain 1100 meters in elevation. Water in red-stone river is surging against calabash cliff that is likened to galloping horses and roaring dragon and tigers. Their shocking sound can be reverberated in the valley and arouse people’s awe. Now let’s look at Sky River Waterfall in Mountain Taihang, the essence of Baligou.

Sky River Waterfall in Mountain Taihang has ‘four unique features’ and ‘four beautiful scenes’. It also has two wonders.

Four unique features refer to the 168-meter-long towering mountain waterfall; the giant curtain waterfall over 100 meters in width, the trench waterfall linking Rainbow Pond and Old Dragon Pond and falling waterfall that form four-level waterfall cluster.

Four beautiful scenes refer to different glamour of Sky River Waterfall with seasons;

In spring, the snow is melting and the big waterfall sees its snow slide and produces roaring sound;

In summer, it has ample sun exposure. The rainbow pond demonstrates a chromatic raninbow;

In autumn, it is drizzling with the big waterfall gushing downwards in a magnificent scene.

In winter, everything turns to ice. The calabash cliff is covered by ice and shows varying shapes. Presence in here will help you appreciate the snow world.

Two wonders appeal to travelers: Spraying Valley after the high-mountain waterfall where travelers can pass through; and the 200-meter-long Water Curtain Cave under the waterfall. Travelers can pass through it all year long. Now follow me in experiencing its miraculous beauty. 

Scenic display

1. do a good job of personal protection: do the appropriate clothing shoes, hats, do a good job of prevention, anti-mosquito work.

2. pay attention to personal safety: Please in the scope of their own risk control activities, pay attention to personal safety, emergency situations during the journey, should immediately call the police and seek the help of local police agencies

3. Prevent water risks: When cruising on water or activities, you should pay more attention to safety. You must not go into the water or go to deep water areas or dangerous water areas. You should follow the instructions and the dynamics of the table.

Article storage

1. Keep valuables safe: Don't place valuables on checked baggage, hotel rooms, or tour buses. Keep your belongings in safe place. Do not open your sight line, or visit and photograph, walk, or shop. Beware of stolen.

2. Carrying a travel ticket: Personal identification documents, travel documents, and transportation tickets should be kept with you to avoid forgetting or losing.

Pay attention to hygiene

pay attention to food hygiene: to increase protection of infectious diseases, epidemic awareness. Pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat unsanitary, unqualified food and drinks, do not litter in the area, pay attention to environmental hygiene.

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