Peach Blossom Bay

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Area:Baligou Scenic Spot

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Tranquility BridgePeach Blossom BayMountain OfficialPeach Blossom Bay Waterfall Peach Blossom PondVeal-embracing Bridge General Pond Veal-embracing River Waterfall
Scenic display

Tranquility Bridge: It draws its name from ‘a tranquil track’. When passing through it, you have to mind your step and keep balance. You’re advised to relish in it with the mind and experience its teetering feeling with both amazement and surprise. You would be surprised for it is teetering but you will get your worries dispelled.

Peach Blossom Bay: Encircled by mountain and waterscape, the section of Peach Blossom Bay sees a wide swathe of peach trees with resplendent and gorgeous peach flowers in bloom in spring. It thus gets the name as Peach Blossom Bay. This section mainly covers Peach Blossom Bay Waterfall, Peach Blossom Pond, General Pond and Veal-embracing Waterfall.

Mountain Official: It carries the meaning of being promoted and raising a fortune. As it bears semblance to a coffin but it is not surrounded by woods, so its Chinese name by taking a lateral radical means ‘official’. Mountain official is affiliated to Mountain Guan, another scenic spot, that carries the phonetically identical word. Mountain Guan is a treasured place. A legend is circulated in here. In late Qing Dynasty, Yuan Shikai was dispelled by the government in Qing Dynasty due to his ‘high rank’. Xu Shichang (born in Weihui, Henan, the fifth president in the Republic of China), his friend, invited him to live in the area of Huixian city and Weihui. Obsessed with the gorgeous scene in Mountain Taihang, Yuan began to build villas here and started a life by appreciating the scene and going hunting. With clout of Mountain Guan (Mountain Officials) that would aggregate fortune and good luck, Yuan Shikai got the permission from the government of Qing Dynasty in setting up the cabinet. Ending his life in seclusion, Yuan Shikai grabbed hegemony once again. But he was overthrown after 83 days as the emperor. It signifies that the coffin-shaped mountain that implies good fortune is also a hanging coffin that warns people that you’ve got to be a good officer and rake in money in a proper way or else you will suffer failure.   

Peach Blossom Bay Waterfall and Peach Blossom Pond: It is a curtain-style waterfall with turbulent falling water. It is reminiscence of Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain, a popular TV episode by Qiong Yao, a Taiwan-based author.

Peach Blossom Pond lies above the waterfall. It is around 13 meters at the deepest. Such projects as flying slide, teetering bridge, bamboo rafts, drifting and so forth are developed above. It also has a sand beach with spacious area.

Veal-embracing Bridge, General Pond, Veal-embracing River Waterfall

Legend goes that when Ma Wu, general of Liu Xiu, first emperor of East Han Dynasty, when younger, he used to live a hermit life here to stay away from his enemies. He lived by grazing. He would graze in the opposite bank of the river every day. One day, the old cow gave birth to a veal. The kind-hearted Ma Wu would hold the veal to cross the river for fear that it would be drowned. But veal grew up day by day but Ma Wu continued to embrace it. He thus got his muscle enhanced. He helped Liu Xiu fight battles all over the country and became a famous general in East Han Dynasty.

After Ma Wu returned to his hometown with glory, he recalled the hardship of crossing the river by holding a veal. He thus input money to build the bridge. Later generations designated the bridge ‘veal-embracing bridge’ to memorize this story. They erected the sculpture of ‘embracing of veal by Ma Wu’ at the bridgehead. The building was renovated in 1996.

The pond below the bridge is General Pond. A convention is popular in the local place. When children are born, they have to take a shower with water in here with the hope that they will grow strong just like Ma Wu. 

Scenic display

1. do a good job of personal protection: do the appropriate clothing shoes, hats, do a good job of prevention, anti-mosquito work.

2. pay attention to personal safety: Please in the scope of their own risk control activities, pay attention to personal safety, emergency situations during the journey, should immediately call the police and seek the help of local police agencies

3. Prevent water risks: When cruising on water or activities, you should pay more attention to safety. You must not go into the water or go to deep water areas or dangerous water areas. You should follow the instructions and the dynamics of the table.

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1. Keep valuables safe: Don't place valuables on checked baggage, hotel rooms, or tour buses. Keep your belongings in safe place. Do not open your sight line, or visit and photograph, walk, or shop. Beware of stolen.

2. Carrying a travel ticket: Personal identification documents, travel documents, and transportation tickets should be kept with you to avoid forgetting or losing.

Pay attention to hygiene

pay attention to food hygiene: to increase protection of infectious diseases, epidemic awareness. Pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat unsanitary, unqualified food and drinks, do not litter in the area, pay attention to environmental hygiene.

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