Account Book Culture
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Founded in East Han Dynasty, Xilian Temple in Jiulian Mountain of Xilian Scenic Spot is not large but it contains three wonders. You can stand in the yard and look around. Try to get the difference. The gate of the temple is deflected and is not directed at the front and back hall. It is Xieshan Door or deflected mountain door. Travelers who used to show up in many temples would say that the door to a temple lies in the same axle wire to the palace inside. But it is different here in Xilian Temple. It’s a wonder in Xilian temple.

Xishan Door is another wonder in Xilian temple. It got a Goddess of Mercy Pavilion on it. According to rules, we don’t build palace halls above the door. Not many temples would build palace halls above the door. But a Goddess of Mercy Pavilion is built above Xieshan Door. It is also south-to-north inversely-seated Guanyin. It’s another wonder for Xilian Temple.

Xilian Temple is a temple many deities believe in. Buddha, Taoism and Confucianism are all worshipped in the same temple. It is also rarely seen. It indicates that people do not show division in fractions in their worship of deities as long as they can bless them a well-off and prosperous life.

Xilian temple is built above Jiulian terrace. A wonderland of nine ponds holding lotus is formed. XIlian temple consists of three parts namely five-yard palace hall, three palace halls for Hall for the Mother in the western cliff after passing the 200-stair Lian Xin ladder. And the third is Lotus cave at the back of the temple.

September 9 each lunar calendar is ‘Account Book’ festival for Xilian. It is a folksy faith and is incorporated to the list for intangible cultural heritage in Xinxiang city.

It contains varying patterns and words that are kept away from people. The ‘Account Book’ is thus mysterious and spectacular. People thus call the account book ‘sealed book’. The habit of ‘account book’ is without precedent in China and its enigma is yet to be unshackled today. Famous experts and specialists on folklore and folksy culture in China are attempting to work out the myth of ‘account book’. 

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